Who We Are

The Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association is a trade association founded in 1981 to promote clean, renewable, solar technologies. OSEIA works with industry leaders, academic scholars, legislators, government, and non-profit agencies to advocate for solar technologies and help raise awareness of its potential to secure an affordable, reliable, and clean energy future.

OSEIA supports a progressive legislative and regulatory structure that fosters the development of solar technologies, their residential and commercial development, and the potential for utility scale production.

OSEIA promotes and advances solar energy utilization and commercialization through education and advocacy, ensuring that solar energy plays a significant role in Oregon’s renewable energy portfolio and making the Oregon solar energy industry nationally competitive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make solar energy a significant energy source by expanding markets, strengthening the industry, and educating Oregonians about its benefits.

OSEIA was founded in 1981 to:

  • Promote the use of solar energy in Oregon
  • Serve as the central organizing association for Oregon’s solar energy professionals
  • Sponsor legislation affecting solar energy in Oregon
  • Establish and maintain a business code of conduct
  • Inform the public of the benefits of solar energy


Our Goals

OSEIA aims to:

  • present a unified and respected voice of the solar industry on policy and regulatory issues to promote the solar energy economy in Oregon and, when prudent, to exercise its influence beyond the state’s border
  • organize events to satisfy the education, training, and networking needs of its members;
  • gather and disseminate relevant information to educate policy makers, industry professionals and consumers on the benefits of a vibrant solar energy economy;
  • promote its membership through events, marketing, and public relations
  • maintain a high code of ethics and standard of quality among its members;
  • partner with other organizations whose missions are in concert with its own.


Code of Ethics

Established by the Board of Directors, the Code of Ethics emphasizes the central tenets of the solar industry's installer community. OSEIA installers are expected to abide by these, and all other members are asked to support them in doing so.

Support the Oregon SolarPAC!!!

OSEIA has started a political action committee to increase our voice and influence with our decision makers in Salem. Your donation to the Oregon SolarPAC helps expand OSEIA’s capacity to develop a marketplace for the widespread adoption of solar energy in Oregon. More information>