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Oregon Solar Review - April 2016

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Million Solar Strong

Over the past 40 years, the United States has installed more than 27 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity across 1 million systems. This incredible milestone becomes even more impressive when you consider that projections have us reaching 2 million installations in just 2 years. Solar is no longer a fringe technology, nor is it a solution for the future. It is powering homes and businesses nationwide today, and the more solar we install, the more jobs and economic growth we support.

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My First Solar System

It was still sunny out, but it was getting colder and the days shorter. My fiancé and I had moved into the old Native American log Hogan a month earlier. The stout wooden door, scarred with bear claw marks, held out the San Luis Valley wind and snow. But the one window I had cut in with a borrowed chainsaw allowed little light. As a result we had been using a couple of cheap kerosene lamps.

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Pepper Bridge Winery Installs 100kW

Pepper Bridge Winery recently completed a solar installation project consisting of 378 panels, making it the largest photovoltaic solar array in Walla Walla County. The 100-kilowatt installation, which is ground-mounted adjacent to the winery, will have an annual production of over 100,000 kilowatt-hours and is projected to provide 70% of the winery’s energy needs.

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Milwaukie Council Votes Unanimously to Triple Solar Energy

In a 5-0, the Milwaukie City Council voted this evening to set a goal of tripling installed-solar capacity within the city by 2021 and to run a “Solarize” program, intended to streamline the process of “going solar” and bring down the upfront cost for customers. Tripling installed solar in Milwaukie would mean increasing total installed solar capacity from approximately 730 kW to 2.2 MW, the equivalent installing nearly 300 new residential solar rooftops.

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Tapping into Small Commercial Solar

Solar is growing, and there’s no downtrend expected anytime soon.

According to the latest U.S. Solar Market Insight Report from SEIA, the U.S. installed 7,260 megawatts of solar in 2015, bringing up total installed capacity to 27.4 gigawatts.

But despite impressive overall growth, the fact remains that the commercial sector – particularly when it comes to small and mid-sized projects – is stagnating.

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Policy Update 4/19/16

From the desk of Jeff Bissonnette, Executive Director - As we’ve now moved well out of the legislative session, the pace of policy work has slowed to the more deliberate pace of rulemaking but the load is just as heavy. Before we dive into the issues themselves, activity around the membership of the Oregon Public Utility Commission needs to be mentioned.

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Opportunities for Solar Development and Marketing Abroad

Worldwide, 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity, and an additional 1 billion are without reliable access to electricity. The International Energy Agency and United Nations Development Programme estimates that 85-percent of people who lack electricity live in rural areas. Energy poverty plagues vulnerable communities, leaving them in darkness with poor health conditions, inadequate schooling, and minimal economic mobility. Renewable energy is a practical solution to delivering power to rural and impoverished areas.

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Ready to advance your career in Oregon’s solar industry?

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