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PUC Solar Report Heads to the Legislature

The Oregon Public Utility Commission has released its 3rd and final draft of their much anticipated solar incentives report. It heads to the legislature on October 28th.

The 1st draft of the report was met with a lot of criticism from many stakeholders, especially the solar industry. The final report is no longer viewed as dangerous but we still have much work to do.

The 2017 legislative session begins on February 1, 2017 and OSEIA will be prepared, with our Oregon Solar Business Plan in hand, to provide additional support for the continuation of existing solar programs and the development of new ones.

What is Oregon's Solar Potential

OSEIA members and supporters all know that Oregon is a great place for solar. But what is solar's potential in the state? That's a key question as we look at policy questions and deal with issues like net metering, incentives for installing solar on rooftops and developing utility-scale projects.

An exciting project that OSEIA has undertaken is to create an "Oregon Solar Business Plan" to outline the potential that solar energy has over the next ten years in Oregon. Initial findings will be revealed at the Northwest Clean & Affordable Energy Conference on Thursday, Nov. 17 @ 10:50am.

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OSEIA's Policy Work Picking Up Speed

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-October. While it seems like a good idea to just sit around sipping all the pumpkin spice beverages that seem to have invaded the market, things are just too busy for solar advocates to take it easy. Here are a couple of key things that are keeping things hopping: Oregon PUC Draft Solar Report, Community Solar Rulemaking (AR603), Oregon Solar Business Plan, Policy (we need you to rate proposals!), and more.

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OSEIA Surveys Legislators, the Results Are In

Today is the last day Oregonians can register to vote in the 2016 election! If you haven’t registered, do so here. OSEIA has done some research and we want to share results with you as you consider your votes. The 2017 legislative session has a lot of important topics to discuss. Many topics will impact the solar industry in Oregon and beyond like the Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC) (set to expire at the end of 2017) and Property Tax Exemption (also set to expire end of 2017). While the Oregon solar industry is growing, it isn’t quite ready to stand alone without support.

The Oregon SolarPAC has been busy across Oregon raising and dispensing of funds. While fundraising has been slower than hoped for, the funds raised thus far have been put to good use, and many of our members can testify to that!

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Oregon Solar Review - October 2016

Click here to read October 2016 Oregon Solar Review

Environment America's Solar Report is Out

From Environment America- 'Solar energy is on the rise in the United States. Through September 2016, more than 31 gigawatts of solar electric capacity had been installed around the country, enough to power more than 6 million homes. The rapid growth of solar energy in the United States is the result of forward-looking policies that are helping the nation reduce its contribution to global warming and expand its use of local renewable energy sources.

One policy in particular, net energy metering, has been instrumental in the growth of solar energy, particularly on homes and small businesses. Net energy metering enables solar panel owners to earn fair compensation for the benefits they provide to other users of the electricity grid, and makes “going solar” an affordable option for more people.

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RETC Rulemaking Meeting

Residential Energy Tax Credit
Rulemaking Advisory Committee
Oregon Department of Energy
625 Marion Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
Thursday, November 3, 2016 – 10:30 a.m.
Webinar: www.connectmeeting.att.com, Meeting #213-270-2124, Access Code: 3125235
Call-in number: 1-888-273-3658; access code: 3125235

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Thriving Company Culture through the Eyes of a Sales Director

This article is part of an ongoing series of interviews for my exclusive column on Thriving Culture. The intention of this series is to give you, as a reader, a sense of where and how culture is thriving in the solar industry, and how you might begin to strengthen company culture in your own company or place of business. I conducted this interview with Michael O’Brien, Director of Sales at A&R Solar, which currently employs 40-50 team members with 7 teams of installers. I chose Michael because he has the ability to provide valuable perspective on thriving culture through the eyes of someone on the team.

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Utility Solar is Here in Oregon

OSEIA member Obsidian Renewablesdevelops utility-scale solar projects. Its most recent project is dubbed the “Black Cap” project in Lakeview, Oregon. An 8 MW project, it is about to go online very soon and will be supplying power to Pacific Power customers. The project features SolarWorld panels and Obsidian always requires hiring workers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

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Central Oregon Community College Redmond Campus will be 90% Solar Powered

Installation of Central Oregon Community College’s (COCC) half megawatt solar array at the school’s Redmond campus is now complete and went live today (Thursday, Oct. 27). The College and its partners celebrated the milestone with an event that included remarks from US Senator Ron Wyden and Redmond Mayor George Endicott.

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My Solar Story- Suzanne Leta Liou

Ever heard of Wiwa v. Royal Dutch Shell Co.? My solar story started as a University of Pennsylvania college student in 2002, working as an intern for Judith Chomsky out of her home in Philadelphia. Judith, flanked by her two huge, slobbery Mastiffs, was representing Ken Saro-Wiwa’s family in a lawsuit regarding human rights violations and oil spills in Nigeria. My job was to look through reams of discovery for evidence of malfeasance. That experience spurred my interest in clean energy. It also led to a complete lack of interest in attending law school despite my father’s best efforts at convincing me otherwise. My first job after college was with New Jersey Public Interest Group in a two-year fellowship program for recent graduates. The pay was terrible, but it was great for my career...

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Ready to advance your career in Oregon’s solar industry?
Ready to advance your career in Oregon’s solar industry?

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