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Another 115MW Coming to Oregon

New Oregon Solar Energy Development Program Enrolls First Round of Projects. The 15 projects selected to date represent 116MW of the total 150MW capacity.

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RETC Update- 3.17.17

A quick update on the RETC; Oregon’s Residential Energy Tax Credit —> a great program driving solar in Oregon for many years!

  1. The RETC program is scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2017
  2. OSEIA is pushing for a 6 year extension of the RETC
  3. It has been assigned a bill number: HB2681
  4. You can track some of the details here.

Oregon's utility-scale solar incentive brings flood of projects

Projects totaling 291 megawatts have applied for the state’s new Solar Development Incentive Program — but only 150 megawatts will get in.

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Oregon's energy department joins critics ripping PUC report that would shrink solar incentives

The Oregon Department of Energy has joined renewable energy advocates in slamming a draft Public Utility Commission report that recommends significant changes to two major solar incentives – but the report did find a pair of supporters: Portland General Electric and PacifiCorp.

In its draft report to the legislature, the commission characterized the Oregon solar industry as “robust” and nearly ready to thrive with reduced support from utility ratepayers.

The Department of Energy, in comments filed Wednesday with the PUC, painted a different picture.

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Obama Administration Takes a Stand on Solar Energy

The Obama Administration announced the Clean Energy Savings for All Americans Initiative, a suite of new programs that are aimed at increasing access to solar energy and energy efficiency across the United States. In the video below, President Obama describes how the flagship program, an expansion of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, will allow more Americans to go solar, including those in low income communities. By doing so, they can save money on their electric bills while helping fulfill the U.S. commitment to combat climate change. The President's message is clear: solar is a choice available to all Americans.

Seeking Ideas to Improve VIR Payments

OSEIA member, Peter Greenberg is gathering suggestions from VIR participants to help the program make a little more sense to eventually present to the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) all at once in a coordinated way.

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Milwaukie Council Votes Unanimously to Triple Solar Energy

In a 5-0, the Milwaukie City Council voted this evening to set a goal of tripling installed-solar capacity within the city by 2021 and to run a “Solarize” program, intended to streamline the process of “going solar” and bring down the upfront cost for customers. Tripling installed solar in Milwaukie would mean increasing total installed solar capacity from approximately 730 kW to 2.2 MW, the equivalent installing nearly 300 new residential solar rooftops.

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Solar 4R Schools: ​Adding Community & Educational Value to PV System Projects

Since 2002, BEF’s Solar 4R Schools program continues to provide award-winning renewable energy STEM education. As solar energy development expands, we aim to turn every solar installation into an interactive educational tool, building a nation of energy literate citizens who understand the science and benefits of renewable energy and inspiring the next generation of clean energy leaders.

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Oregon Department of Energy Announces $1.5 Million for Renewable Energy Projects Across the State

The Oregon Department of Energy today announced 13 recipients of nearly $1.5 Million in Renewable Energy Development grant funds. The RED grant program supports Oregon businesses, nonprofits, and organizations investing in renewable energy systems that use biomass, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, wind, landfill gas, biogas, wave, tidal, or ocean energy to produce electricity.

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Energy Trust program ups the solar ante

Energy Trust is ready to start doling out its 2016 solar project incentives for utility customers.

The energy efficiency nonprofit has $10 million in incentives for solar projects for residential and commercial customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power. Read more here.

The projects will be available for customers of both PGE and Pacific Power.

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Community Solar in Oregon

by Charlie Coggeshall & Rikki Seguin

As reported in OSEIA’s November 2015 newsletter, the Oregon Public Utilities Commission (PUC) submitted formal recommendations to the legislature regarding “Attributes for the Design of a Community Solar Program” at the end of October. OSEIA was engaged in the PUC process which led to those recommendations, of which we are generally supportive of the outcome, though with some suggested revisions.

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Environment Oregon's Solar Cities Campaign

For the past few months, Environment Oregon has been running "Solar Cities" campaigns in five cities - Ashland, Corvallis, Eugene, Lake Oswego, and Milwaukie - and has been partnering with OSEIA members to make the campaigns successful. I want to share some highlights about the progress of the initiatives and the essential role that OSEIA members play in lending grassroots pressure to these efforts.

The goals of the city campaigns are twofold - First, to make cities solar leaders. This happens when cities set solar installation targets and provide educational opportunities and city-brokered discounts to residents. Second, to build up the political support needed to pass strong statewide clean energy policies.

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